ChristTouchMaximum is Boston’s premier improvisational Christian Rock quartet. Recognized for their blend of engaging spoken verse poetry, dueling guitar interplay, and infectious display of faith, ChirstTouchMaximum creates an uplifting and engaging live atmosphere. Their recent single, “Make Bread, Break Bread” has been praised by critics for its discussion of the temptations experienced in the modern age. CTM has opened for notable Christian Rock bands such as Creed, Double Up on the Eucharist, and Binge Magick.

Rain date:
Size: 3-6 performers

2 Replies to “ChristTouchMaximum”

  1. I did not know what I was getting into with this band. It changed my life. Their performance sent me dare I say literally to heaven. Once in a lifetime experience. CTM, if you read this, please for the love of Christ and his (maximum) touch, make merch. Rock on you absolute madmen.

  2. Definite points for “double up on the eucharist” but all in all felt like a mean-spirited Dawkins-esque troll. imho it would be cooler to write and perform 5-10 good songs well than to punk a church. Thank you however for the moments of confusion where I wondered if this was for real, then googled Binge Magick. I’m now wondering if the trollibg is deeper and Binge Magick is just the next level of the mystery!

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