Carole, Will and Molly

Carole Bundy (vocals), Will McMillan (vocals), and Molly Ruggles (piano + vocals) have been savoring soup — made by Carole — and singing together since 2019.  They will be performing the same set of music at 2:00 pm and again at 4:00 pm. Their repertoire includes original songs (such as “Simple Rules,” “A Beating Heart,” and “The Beauty All Around”) plus standards (including “Surrey With The Fringe On Top,” “Let’s Do It,” and “Moonglow”) which feature fun vocal harmonies and playful arrangements by Molly.  And they will soon be releasing an eight-song CD (recorded in December 2021). You can click here to listen to one of their new songs if you are curious.

Photo of Molly Ruggles, Will McMillan and Carole Bundy
Molly, Will and Carole
Size: 3-6 performers

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