Austin Bullock

Austin Bullock is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Providence, Rhode Island. He has been highlighted by music publications for his refreshing approach to rock music by blending garage rock and psychedelia. Stylistically his music has been compared to Franz Ferdinand, Mac Demarco, Rayland Baxter, and The Black Keys. Austin is best known for his powerful guitar playing and DIY approach to writing and producing his own music.

Austin released his latest EP titled Misplaced on January 31, 2022. This 3 song EP breaks new ground for Austin by exploring folk and psychedelic influences while not losing the high energy garage rock foundation that his music is built on. Following this release is a small tour around New England promoting the EP. Check out to see where they are playing next.

While riding the wave of his new EP, Austin is also recording the 2nd EP for his project Lovely Apartment with singer-songwriter Max Petersen and the debut EP of his project The Curlies with drummer Lauren Boucher. Both of these projects branch off of Austin’s solo work into new sonic territories and both will be released in the summer of 2022. Check out to learn more and visit for links to listen and watch performances by Austin.

Outside of the projects that Austin leads, he serves as the co-founder and lead guitar player for 2 Boston-based rock bands Binge Magick and Hands of Spite. He has also been featured as a guitar player on hip-hop and electronic songs by producer TrepStarr. Keep an eye on Austin’s social media accounts for news about upcoming shows, releases, and videos.

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