Aryadna, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and song-writer comes together with pianist David Harewood to create a musical hybrid, nurturing influences that span classical Russian, jazz, and futuristic soul, while expanding into new vistas to challenge aesthetic, cultural and personal rigidities. She weaves her personal stories into perplexing jazz art songs, while allowing for creative contemplation through more light-hearted grooves that invite the body to move. Aryadna’s work is a call for “green music”, hybrid music, a shift from love-songs to self-love songs, excavating our collective trauma to heal ourselves and our planet through the soulful power of sound.

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Size: 1-2 performers

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    1. Hi Edie! So sorry! I just saw these comments – we are playing at 21 Belknap at 5 pm and can’t perform any earlier. 🙁

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