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  1. I am on Gray St which is in the same vicinity of Bartlett Ave. I have a porch the width of the house and a long driveway. As a baby boomer, I am interested in folk from the 60s, and the other genres you offer. I am West so my porch is available 12:00 & 1:00P.

  2. I am on Bartlett but my porch is taken with two acts. Would you like me to reach out to some neighbors who could accommodate 6-8 people? Last year the street got a bit organized but he just haven’t done that yet.

      1. Bill, any luck? I’m hosting a slightly later porch on the west side (due to available of artists), but might be able to accomodate a noon-1 spot for 5-6. Might be cramped for more….12 Lincoln St

  3. Am just off of Jason st on the East- WEst divide- can accommodate 4-6 people covered and much larger uncovered. Just signed up so am open- will do my best to outreach to the neighborhood as well as friends and family. Bev Ketchen

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