368 Ukulele Ensemble

We play varied genres, including Folk/Americana, Jug Band Music & Children’s. All acoustic arrangements. We play ukuleles, along with a smattering of other instruments, including mandolin, banjo and the occasional bozouki and violin.

We started jamming together in August 2023.  We began as a small group of folks living together at Bay State Cohousing in Malden and have expanded to include some friends and neighbors. What unites us is a love of playing and singing acoustic music together.

Size: 3-6 performers

2 Replies to “368 Ukulele Ensemble”

  1. How much of your repertoire is for kids? We need some “kids music” in our neighborhood cluster. Can be mixed with other music but need a fairly strong emphasis on children to sing along or dance. Our cluster has 7 stages for musicians and dancers and lawns for artists. In previous years, we have been the “go-to” area in Arlington attracting 250+ folks. Noon or 1pm.

    Compensation is buffet lunch on my deck where performers have the opportunity to relax and intermingle with other performers or “grab and go.” Often there is a pop-up jam or sharing of music with other performing groups.

    1. Our set for porchfest only has one children’s song, and some of the other songs are somewhat raunchy jug band music. Thanks for the offer; we’re set at another porch.

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