25 Pearl

25 Pearl.  Formed 15 years ago on the heels of the demise of Cemetary Superfly. Scott and Jon decided to form a new band.  This band they called 25 Pearl.  About 2 years in , our trusted friend and drummer Ernie introduced us to Bill. Although coming in to play guitar we let Bill know that we need a Bass player so play bass. And the rest is history. Scott on vox and rhythm guitar. Jon on lead guitar and vox. Bill on bass a vox. Ernie on drums and percussion.
This in incarnation at Porchfest will be a duo of Bill and Scott and a trio of Bill Scott and Mike on the kit.

Size: 3-6 performers

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  1. Scott – I realized that when I responded to your message it’s on my personal message board so I’m not completely sure you saw it. Yes I’d love to play and if you have a PA I can use that would be preferable to me bringing my own. Thanks! -Doug

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