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This shortcode is the equivalent of the GD > Popular Post View widget.


post_type – The slug for the post_type (default = gd_place)
category – ID number of the category to show (default = 0 for all)
post_number – Number of posts to show (default = 5)
layout – Number of columns to show (default = 2)
add_location_filter – True or False (default = false)
list_sort – One of az, latest, featured, high_review, high_rating, random (default = latest)
use_viewing_post_type – True or False (default = false)
character_count – Number of characters to show from the Excerpt (Min/default = 20)
listing_width – A percent between 20 and 100 (default = ‘’)
show_featured_only – True or False (default = false)
show_special_only – True or False (default = false)
with_pics_only – True or False (default = false)
with_videos_only – True or False (default = false)
title – (default = ‘the name of the custom post type’)


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