Community Tips & Good Neighbor Guidelines

We’re so thrilled to have Arlington Porchfest return to our neighborhoods, in its familiar format in 2022! Let’s work together to promote a happy community vibe during Porchfest!

Here’s our list of top community tips and good neighbor guidelines:

  1. HOSTS: Please let your neighbors know you’ll be hosting music on your porch.   You can use our official neighborhood invitation  to spread the word.  Please fill in your porch info and distribute to homes within ear shot of your porch. We will also have lawn signs available for pick up in early June. these are a great visual way to give a head’s up to your neighbors, while also promoting the event!
  2. BANDS: Please play at a “neighbor-friendly” volume, especially in our residential streets and neighborhoods.  Your neighbors’ windows should not be shaking!  If a neighbor asks you to turn down, please do.  This will help Porchfest continue from year to year.
  3. HOSTS and BANDS:
    1. Be in touch with each other to confirm arrival times, electric needs (if any) and break down time to transition to the next band.
    2. Check the Porchfest map/schedule to see if there are other porches within earshot of yours. This can be good!  Porchfest listeners/visitors often seek out clusters of bands to visit.  Check in with any nearby porch(es) to coordinate volume levels or schedule alternating sets.
    3. Please wrap up your music by the end of the scheduled time(s) for your porch.  Every year we receive complaints and Police reports of music going too late into the evening – please help us protect the future of Porchfest by sticking with your official time slot.


  1. Please be respectful of people’s private property.
  2. Walk or ride your bike if you can to keep car traffic down.
  3. Please be mindful of car traffic on the streets and do not block the roadways.
  4. Please keep drinks on private property, not in the street.
  5. In light of COVID-19, ACA strongly encourages all participants in Arlington Porchfest to practice social distancing and to be respectful of our fellow community members who choose to wear a mask.
  6. Please say hello and thanks to members of the Arlington Police Department, who will be out and about during Porchfest as part of their Community Policing efforts. We thank them for their support for Arlington Porchfest!

Porchfest works because we all work together to be a respectful and law-abiding community. Let’s keep it that way.

Thanks everyone!  

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