Missing Arlington Porchfest?

So are we!  Although our hopes are high as the world is slowly opening up again, it’s clear that the near future is too uncertain for us to present the “good old Porchfest” we all know and love this June.   As we think of what we can do to encourage our community of performers and their audiences, we are guided by our recent survey of past Porchfest participants, which showed a strong preference for an event that features music and art in live, covid-safe settings, as opposed to any virtual substitute.
What would a scaled-down, covid-safe, live, “in-the-spirit-of-Porchfest” event look like? We are working with town officials to explore our options for an afternoon of music that will be workable within state and local requirements.  We are early in these discussions, so it’s too soon to know “if, when, where, and how”.
So stay tuned!

3 Replies to “Missing Arlington Porchfest?”

  1. Thanks for the update! Me and my possum friends are due to be vaccinated any day now, and we can hardly wait to regather in safe ways.

  2. We are all vaccinated and hope the town can do something perhaps in September when things will be more open and safe. Regardless, we continue to have performers on our porch here and there…..

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