I’ve Been Everywhere

I was traveling through a market in the city of Wuhan
Infecting unsuspecting people there and then I moved on
At first I was compared to things like last year’s flu
But like the plague and SARS and MERS, I am something new
People wonder what it means when I’m called a pandemic
I go to where those people are and then I get ‘em sick…

I’ve been everywhere, man
I’ve been everywhere, man
Who gets me? I don’t care, man
I’ve crossed that ocean air, man
Trouble I’ve caused my share, man
I’ve been everywhere

– 1 –
I’ve been to China, India, Panama, USA
Iran, Switzerland, Pakistan, UK
Ireland, Viet Nam, Poland, the Netherlands,
Spain, Korea, Kenya, Candy Land
Cuba, Canada, Austria, Germany
Brazil France Costa Rica, everywhere in Italy

– 2 –
I’ve been to coffee shops, laptops, countertops, door knobs
Bus stops, rest stops, truck stops, it’s a job
Navy ships, cruise ships, relationships, backseats
Save-A-Lots, restaurants, old haunts, Wall Street
Barrooms, backrooms, break rooms, news stands
Boardrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, wash your hands

– 3 –
I’ve shut down Broadway, matinees, cabarets, airports
Bowling alleys, Rallies, Galleries, college sports
I’m the only thing that’s gettin’ in-or-outta New Rochelle
Middle schools, high schools, public pools, libraries
Extroverts, concerts, that hurts! pretty scary

– 4 –
Now it’s strong words, raw nerves, flatten curves, clean mugs
Fist bumps, elbow thumps, no chumps, no hugs
Quarantine, Distancing, keep it clean, bleach wipes
High risk, low risk, listen this ain’t hype
All nations must hasten, Sanitation, hand soaps
Cough into your elbow, stay home, not a hoax

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