Two Weeks Left to Sign Up

Arlington Porchfest registration is rolling along, with 64 porches, 125 performances, and 9 visual art exhibits so far. Thanks, everyone! Here’s the current layout of who’s signed up:

More porch hosts needed: There are more bands/performers looking for a porch than there are porches looking for bands.

More visual art exhibits needed: There are 15 porch hosts looking for visual arts to complement their performances.

Please spread the word that we need more porch hosts and more artists to register. Registration is open through May 10.

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  1. Hi, dear PorchFest organizers. I am already planning to be part of a group sharing ukulele songs near the Arlington Friends of the Drama from 2-3pm. But I might also like to host a couple of hours — maybe 4-6 pm — on my own front porch on Egerton Road in East Arlington. Is it OK for me to sign up for just a two-hour slot?

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