Arlington Porchfest returns!

It’s on!  3rd Annual Arlington Porchfest: June 9, 2018!

We want …  Musicians! –  Porch hosts! –  Volunteers! … You!

Want to host?
You’ll need: a  home or business in Arlington with a space for performers (decide how large a group can comfortably fit on your porch or driveway, and remember that some may have amplifiers and microphones), an outlet from which an electrical chord can be run, and a place for an audience to congregate. Let your neighbors know ahead of time about what will be happening!

Want to perform?
We welcome all musicians, from  solo performers to big bands,  as well as dance troupes, spoken word artists, and other non-musical perfromers. If you are part of a group,  decide on who will serve as your main contact. Compose a brief description of your band, find a photo or two to upload, and sign up!

Want to help?
We need volunteers ahead of the event, and to help with logistics on the day of the festival. Contact us at info@

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