Other than our basic paper/printable map, this site is your primary resource to help you find your way through Arlington Porchfest. It’s designed to work equally well on smartphones and laptops. Here are some helpful tips for using it:

1. Turn on geolocation to have the site show you which porches and bands are closest to your current location. The site should ask you when you first visit if you want geolocation, and you can say yes to turn it on immediately. Otherwise you can turn on geolocation later by finding the compass icon in the search bar and following these three steps: (1) click on compass, (2) click on “near me” checkbox, (3) click on magnifying glass to start searching “near me.” All of this works only if you have enabled location sharing on your devices.

2. You can view either “porches” or “bands.” Basically these are two different ways to get at exactly the same schedule information, with different color commentary added from either a porch or band perspective. The home page shows porches and has a big search bar below the map that lets you choose either porches or bands. You can also use the “Porches” and “Bands” links in the main menu to switch between views.

3. The main ways to find porches and bands are

  • The big interactive Google map near the top of the home, porch, and band pages. Hover or click your mouse over a pin to see a pop-up balloon with helpful information about that band or porch. Click the balloon to get a page with detailed information.
  • The big search bar that is below the big interactive Google map. You can search bands by genre, performance time, and name. You can search porches by performance times and name/address. After you enter your search terms, the resulting page and map have all the items that match your search.
  • The little magnifying glass search button in the main menu (as illustrated at right). Click this and start typing the name of a band or porch in the resulting text box. If you pause a couple seconds the site will provide a list of bands and porches with names that match what you’ve typed so far. If you hit “return” you will get a page full of all results that match your search (without a map).

4. The map includes a couple handy features:

  • Click the “X” in the upper left corner to make the map full-screen. Click the “X” again to exit full-screen.
  • The map on the home page has some special features that other maps do not have
    • At the bottom left you can click “Bands” or “Porches” to change which type of information is displayed on the map.
    • At the bottom right is a legend with check-boxes for the categories of items displayed on the map. Some categories have a little down-arrow at the end. Click the down-arrow to expand a list of sub-categories. (For porches, the subcategories are performance times, “12:00”, “1:00”, “2:00”, etc. For bands, the subcategories are genres, “Americana”, “Blues”, “Folk”, etc.)
    • Right above the legend is a little search bar. Type the name of what you’re looking for and hit return, and the map will show matching items. If you’re looking at a map of porches, this search only works for porches. And if you’re looking at a map of bands, this search only works for bands.

Below we see the homepage map viewing bands, and we have chosen to see only Americana. The blue dot is indicating our current location.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.


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