Be the envy of your neighborhood: Porchfest Lawn Signs are here and ready for Pick-up!

Last year, one of the most exciting things leading up to the first Arlington Porchfest was seeing lawn signs popping up all around town.

And now…  they’re back…!!

That’s right, hot off the presses, this year’s lawn signs are now available for hosts to pick up and plant in your yard.

Help build the buzz & pick up your sign today!!

Pick up is at:
Arlington Center for the Arts Office
41 Foster Street, Arlington
(781) 648-6220

If you are driving, please feel free to park in the lot next to our building or utilize on-street park on Foster St or Tufts St, on the side closest to the building.

The code to get into the building is 45050. The ACA office is located on the second floor, up the staircase located in the lobby. We are through the red door on your right as you hit the second floor, and the lawn signs and stakes are located on the table straight ahead as you enter. Please make sure to check yourself off on our “Lawn Sign Sign-Out” sheet…and grab one for a neighbor if you can!

Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm

With 75 porches participating, it’s a HUGE help if you can come pick up your sign, or send someone in to pick it up for you.

Can you help?
We need a team of helpers to distribute lawn signs for folks who can’t come in to pick them up.  Please contact to join the team!

Thanks so much!
The Arlington Porchfest Team



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  1. Diane Buxton 7 months ago

    Hi Gang of Porchfest Hosts!

    I went to the ACA today to pick up my Porchfest sign, which is now located in the dirt flowerbed in front of 189 Mass Ave (at the T-section of Lake and Mass Ave.). The Capitol Square Business Association is thrilled to be hosting the amazing power trio Triarky: on Saturday, June 3, from 2 to 4pm.

    I thought it might be helpful to know that I parked my truck on the street outside of the ACA at 41 Foster Street, Arlington; went in the side door to the right of the building; followed the hallway to the right, went up the stairs and directly into the red door marked ACA. The lawn signs are to the right on the floor.

    Grab one for a neighbor if you can,

    • Michael Mahin 7 months ago

      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for thinking to pass along this info to other porch hosts – I will make sure to add that information, which I think will be very useful to hosts looking to pick up their signs, in the blog post above. Thanks again!




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