Arlington Porchfest has a rain date of Sunday, June 4th. Every participant provided us with their rain date availability as part of registration. We hope Saturday’s weather is fair, but we are preparing for the possibility that we may want to use the rain date. We will ultimately make that rain date decision late Friday, or 9am Saturday at the latest. At that time, we will broadcast the plan (Saturday or Sunday) on this site, on the ACA site, on the Porchfest Facebook page, and by email to everyone on our list (which includes all hosts, all band contacts, and a few hundred more fans).

Meanwhile we ask that all hosts and bands help us prepare for a smooth rain date decision. Today (by Friday at the latest) please review your porch and/or band listing and double check the “Rain Date” field, which you will see in the right sidebar on the full-page view of your listing:

If necessary, please edit your rain date value so that it is correct. First log in. Then click “Edit this post” and see the editable rain date field below the address/map information. (If you don’t see “Edit this post” but you do see a link “Business Owner?” then click “Business Owner” to request that we grant you ownership and editing rights for your listing. We will grant your request and then you can update your listing.)

If we need to use the Sunday June 4 rain date, we will assume that every performance is happening where *both* the band *and* the host are available on June 4. We will base this schedule on the information in the site as of 5pm Friday.

If you are a band, please also check the rain date availability for your host. (Your band page has a link to your host’s page.) And if you are host, please check the rain date availability for your bands. (Your porch page includes listings for all your bands, and those listings include their rain date availability.)

Thanks, everyone, for helping make Arlington Porchfest 2017 a great success!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.


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