This week we scheduled all the bands and porches. The info is all live on our site. We are in the process of introducing to each other all the matched hosts + bands. Exciting!

Please everybody take a few minutes to review your listing on our schedule. We have provided you with editing privileges so that you can improve the information and add pictures etc. The only part of the schedule we really have to moderate with organizer oversight is the matching of which bands play on which porches. Send those requests to us at Other than that, please go ahead and put into your listing whatever will make for the best Porchfest at your home. Thanks for participating in Arlington Porchfest!

In each porch listing, there are a few things worth highlighting:

  1. The “Available space” field right now shows the organizers’ best guess about your willingness to host one or more additional bands during the official Porchfest hours (12-2 in the Heights, 2-6 in East Arlington). Please review and update that field. It’s essential for helping any new bands that seek to participate in Porchfest. Those bands will search “Porches with available space” to find a potential home. Your listing features a “Send Enquiry” button they can use to private message you.
  2. The “Bands” that appear in your listing are generated automatically based on info that site admins enter in the band listings. So the only way to change that list is by submitting a request to the organizers.
  3. The “Schedule” field that holds a short text description of which bands play when. This field shows prominently in the schedule and it does not update automatically (unlike the “Bands” list). Please make sure to keep that field updated.
  4. The “Category” field includes “Porches” as well as time options (12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Please be sure to keep “Porches” checked or else your listing may disappear. Please choose the time options according to when bands are performing.
  5. You can upload a picture to replace that default image of the dog house 🙂



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.


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