We want you!

Join the proud corps of Arlington Porchfest volunteers. Opportunities listed below. Take a look, see how you’d like to help, and let us know at info@arlingtonporchfest.org.


Things We Need Help With

  1. Organizing our March 25 Porchfest “VIP” reception
  2. Recruiting hosts
    1. Direct outreach to special locations (churches, businesses)
    2. General outreach to get repeat and new hosts
  3. Recruiting performers–especially to increase diversity in every way
  4. PR
    1. Media relations (newspapers, TV, radio) and press releases
    2. Social media strategy and content
    3. Design and distribute promotional poster/flier
  5. Data Wrangler / Technical
    1. Web development generally. And in particular, designing and implementing slick event maps and schedules for the web. Familiarity with WordPress themes would be super-helpful.
    2. Finding and fixing problems in porch & band registration data (missing info etc)
    3. Matching porches & bands and producing the schedule spreadsheet
  6. Producing materials
    1. Design and produce slick maps and schedules for print
    2. Design and produce yard signs
  7. Event Planning
    1. Recruiting/organizing food trucks
    2. Coordinating with Arlington’s other June festivals: Greek Fest, Feast of the East, Arlington Alive
  8. Fundraising
    1. Identify ways that we can bring sponsors into Porchfest in a way that makes the event better and helps the sponsors
    2. Get donations from local businesses as prizes for a Porchfest raffle
  9. Helping on June 3
    1. Photos
    2. Roving event hospitality
  10. Something else that we didn’t think of

Thanks for helping!!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.


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